Photo & Info

Big Buck Down! gives you the opportunity to share your photos and hunting information with friends or, if they choose, the whole Big Buck Down community.

Hunters can view and send hunting photos through the network.

Hunters can invite friends to join and share through the network.

Full Mapping

Hunters can assign their trophies to the exact spot on a global map using GPS and Geo Location technology.

This can be accomplished while in the field, or updated later. Of course, if a hunter has a secret spot they can always move the pin to a “general” location. All information and sharing is the hunters’ choice.

Private Trophy Room

Hunters can create their own private trophy room if they would prefer not to share their trophies with the rest of the Big Buck Down! community.

Not only may you have more then one photo on each trophy animal, you also have the ability to enter a report or story of your adventure that you can share with friends.

This report is attached to the trophy and can be edited or created at any time.

Paid Version

Our experience with paid apps is that offering a free, limited version of the app is important for several reasons.

  • 1. People like to “try before they buy.” A free version will help us quickly grow the community of hunters and trophies.
  • 2. The free version functions 100% the same as the paid version. After entering a limited number of trophies, hunters will be prompted to purchase unlimited trophies for a small fee.

All of the accounting, downloading updates, etc. is handled by Apple or Google depending on the hunters’ device.

Designed for all hunters,
all species around the

Big Buck Down! allows hunters to select from hundreds of species as defined by SCI and Boone and Crocket.

Our species and location database covers all hunting locations from around the globe.

Hunters can also choose their method of kill be it a rifle, muzzle loader, bow, handgun, or crossbow.

Easy to use, mobile friendly menus.

Invite your

Get your friends and family involved in the Big Buck Down community. You can invite them via your phones contacts, Facebook, or Twitter with ease.

When logged in via Facebook, you will see trophies from Facebook friends. If you log in using a Big Buck Down account, you will see trophies from friends within your Contacts.

Follow the instructions below for guidance on the process.

Facebook and

Press the menu button within the app and then tap Invite Friends.

You will be presented with the choice of selecting your Contacts, Facebook, or Twitter.

Upon choosing Facebook or Twitter, you will be asked to log into your personal account. After you log in, a message to your friends will be posted on your behalf.

Phone Contacts

Press the menu button within the app and then tap Invite Friends.

When presented with Contacts, Facebook, and Twitter, you will select Contacts.

Select the friend you want to invite, then choose the right phone number.

If a friend is already a Big Buck Down user, it will say so below their name.

From here you can add additional text or just press send!

Our Team

We are also hunters! We know what makes other hunters tick!

We understand the frustration and dangers of pursing our sport on social media sites: Negative, even vicious comments left for all to see by anti-hunting individuals means that most of us to not use social media to share our hunts with others.

Most of us do not want to post our photos on the same social sites we share with our friends, employers, customers, and family members, as the non/anti-hunters among them may be offended or worse.

Our programmers have written apps for some of the largest corporations in the world and are certified Apple and Google enterprise developers.